What Is Cryptologic Software

Cryptologic is a company based in Canada which was founded back in 1995 and one of the earliest pioneers of internet solutions. There very first product was an eCommerce solution where commercial companies could accept online payments through there website in a safe and secure manner. The company took off from this point and ended up on the Canadian Stock Exchange in no time. Once there the company operators begun looking for other mediums to enter into and that is when they found the online gambling industry. See Accredited Cryptologic Casino’s

When they found the online gambling industry and how it needed software providers they began working on becoming licensed. They opened up a subsidiary group of the company called WagerLogic which would take on the role of developing casino games and management tools for online casino operators. Once they received there casino licensing they set-up there first casino in 1996 which was called InterCasino and is still open to this day making it one of the oldest online casinos.

what is cryptologic software

The reason they needed to open up the casino is because they needed a platform in order to test out there software and games as they made them. The casino was never meant to become huge, but over the years InterCasino has managed to become one of the oldest and largest online casinos in history with strong marketing presence in many countries.

After running the casino and creating all the games and tools they needed for there software package they got the software certified in 2002. From there they we’re ready to start licensing out there software to casino operators. All WagerLogic software licensees must abide by some very strict rules and guidelines and if they aren’t followed then the casinos license can become void. The Cryptologic Company uses the same guidelines and rules that land based casinos must use which in 2002 made them have the strictest regulations.

Any casino that uses the Cryptologic software must go through audits on a monthly basis so that the company can see that all the licensed casinos are following the rules. The WagerLogic software is one of the safest software solutions out there for online casinos and you should definitely consider using a casino licensed by these guys. If there licensed by Cryptologic then you can be assured that they will be a safe and secure place to play because of the strict guidelines.

For players the quality of the software is great and the games have exceptional graphics and gameplay structure. There are more than 200 games packaged with this software which means you’ll have a lot of choices when you’re playing in a WagerLogic casino. The casino also has some amazing unique slot machines which are solely licensed to there software suite and noone else can use them. Offering unique games is a wise move when you’re trying to stand out from other providers and I think it’s a great idea that Cryptologic has some unique games in there arsenal. The Cryptologic software suite is one of the oldest, most developed software solutions for online casino operators and players. Both will see a lot of advantages of using this software when gaming online.