What Is MicroGaming Software

A common question from many casino players is, what is microgaming software? MicroGaming dates back to the year of 1994 when they opened up the first ever online casino and since those days the platform has become the industry standard and leader for providing software to casinos. Not long after launching the first ever online casino they began offering companies the tools they needed to open there own online casinos as well as have the ability of tracking player usage. The software and tools that we’re implemented to work with the software was better then anything else in the industry and many companies began using the MicroGaming platform. See our Microgaming Casinos.

Today MicroGaming is the leader in online gaming and they have more then 100 online casino using there software and tools to operate an online casino. The company also founded organizations such as the Interactive Gaming Council and eCommerce & Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance. Both are very important organizations in the online gambling industry and provide certification for safe and fair play standards which they have set.

what is microgaming software

The most popular software created by the MicroGaming platform is the Viper software which is used in a lot of online casinos nowadays. The software can be downloaded to your computer through any online casino that uses MicroGaming and the download is very fast. The quality of the software is awesome as well and the entire application runs real smoothly. The game quality is also looked after on the Viper software and it’s as close to the real casino gaming experience that you’re going to find. You can find some fun MicroGaming games and good slot bonuses in casinos from India to get started having fun.

Apart from the Viper software MicroGaming has also moved into other software applications such as web based casinos and mobile device software. Web based software has been around now for several years and most new casinos offer the option of playing in your web browser. This simply means you won’t need to download anything to your computer, and for slow computers this method works best.

The features and options are limited compared to the Viper software though and it’s why most casinos recommend downloading there software. Mobile device gaming is only recently becoming a hot topic and MicroGaming has begun there developments on a mobile gaming software which will allow casinos to offer gaming through cellphones and PDA’s. MicroGaming also has the live gaming feature which is becoming popular among players. This feature allows players to participate in live gaming with real dealers who are presented on screen through webcam broadcasts.

MicroGaming offers a lot of different games and in total has well over 250 games which the casino can use when there licensed by this company. Not every casino uses all the games so you’ll need to make sure the casino you choose uses all the games before joining them. MicroGaming also offer some of the best progressive jackpots in the industry and there shared among all of there casinos. With over 100 casinos using the software to run there casino it means there is a lot of money being added to the progressive jackpots all the time and they often reach over $1 million.