What Is Vegas Technology Software

When Vegas Technology first started out they weren’t even named Vegas Technology instead they we’re known as OddsOn a company which is based out of Toronto, Ontario. The company wasn’t into software at that time either and only offered eCommerce solutions and secure facilities. OddsOn began offering a casino software solution after there initial public offering when they noticed there was a need for more software solutions. See Vegas Technology Casino Bonuses.

Coming from a background of eCommerce the company had extreme amounts of knowledge in the online security field and knew exactly what they needed to build in order to accept payments online from a vast number of people securely. One of the most important things in the online gaming industry is safety and security and without strong security, especially back in those early days the company would have never lasted. They managed to conquer the safety and security features everyone was looking for at the time though and over time has become one of the best software providers in the online gaming industry.

In 2003 OddsOn decided to merge with the English Harbour Gaming Ventures which was and still is one of the most reputable online casino operators out there. When they made the merge they decided to drop the name OddsOn, and move forward with the new name Vegas Technology. The software they offer to quite a wide number of online casinos is regularly audited by the Certified Fair Gaming Company which is one of the most respected companies in online gaming. They make sure everything is above board with the casino and that there is no safety or fairness issues.

what is vegas technology software

Vegas Technology software has a lot of games that you can play including lots of video poker machines and even more slot machines. They have a unique cast of slot machines ranging from beginner slot machines to more advanced slot machines and depending on what you’re looking for you’ll be able to find something. I personally prefer the slots with no features as there easier to understand and play, but for those of you who play slots often there are multiple slot machines with tons of bonuses and features which should be enjoyable. All of there games have the highest quality possible when being made, and they maintain that quality as time goes on with updates.

The software is amongst the top in the online gaming industry and over the years have become exceptionally well at what they do, allowing high limit casinos to operate flawlessly. One feature that they have mastered is the tournaments which are available on a daily basis in all the casinos using this software. It’s apart of the reason why so many gamers love using casinos based off of the Vegas Technology software. You will also be able to enjoy progressive jackpots which are interlinked between all the casinos on the network and therefore the jackpots reach huge figures very quickly.

All the Vegas Technology Casinos offer excellent safety and security features which you should consider before ever joining any online casino. They also have a big selection of games to offer in there casinos with jackpots and bonuses being paid out on a daily basis.